Handmade Ravioli with Fresh Sheet Pasta

Vegan ravioli available

1. Butternut Squash
2. Goat Cheese w/ Roasted Garlic
3. Spinach Ricotta
4. Sweet Pea w/ Sauted Leek
5. Spicy Roasted Vegetables
6. Three Cheese
7. Wild Mushroom
8. Parsnip, Carrot, & Sage: vegan
9.. Crab
10. Pumpkin (seasonal)
11. Stinging Nettle & Fromage Blanc (seasonal)

You can purchase these products in our shop, located at 1250 Addison Street/Bonar, suite 109, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA

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What's New?

Custom Pizza

Pizza for you to take and bake, made with your choice of ingredients, using our Rustic Olive Bread dough. Available only on Mondays and Wednesdays: 4-7 pm. Place your order by phone/fax: (510) 883-0783. Some options to choose from: Wild Mushroom & Prosciutto, Roast Chicken with Bell Peppers, Green Serano & Cilantro, Greek: Spinach, Tomato, & Feta Cheese, Sausage with Serrano Pepper & Slow Roasted Tomato...and more

Recommended Cooking Time

Note: Cooking time is measured from the moment when you drop the pasta or ravioli into the boiling water.

Instruction on cooking pasta or ravioli

Bring a big pot of water to boil. Then gently drop the pasta or ravioli into the boiling water. Refer to the above table for recommended cooking time. Cooking time may vary due to the amount of moisture in the pasta. In general, less cooking time is needed when the pasta is fresh and moist. One can adjust the cooking time according to one's taste.